Below are listed current active procurements/inquiries open to competition and posted in the public domain for international research organisations. The Swiss ILO only publishes tenders requiring high-tech capabilities and where a reasonable commercial opportunity for Swiss industry to succeed in the tender application process has been identified. Refer to the procurement page of each international research organisation for a complete list of current procurement activity for that organisation.

Tender list updated monthly. Last update: 19.10.2018

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Organisation Reference Description Procurement Delivery place Publication Deadline Status
CERN MS-4486 Supply of Metal Bellows Expansion Joints for the High Luminosity LHC Cryomagnets Market Survey Geneva 2018-10-11 2018-11-08 Open
CERN MS-4487 Supply of 3D silicon sensors for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Market Survey Geneva 2018-10-16 - Open
ESO CfT 207 Design, Production, Verification and Delivery of the M1 Segment Assembly Manipulator and Design, Prototyping, Production, Verification of the M1 Local Optical Phasing Sensor of the ELT Price Inquiry Munich 2018-03-28 - Open
ESO CfT 223 Design, Construction and Verification of the Data Display Tool RFI Munich 2018-09-25 - Open
ESRF CfT 2792 A high energy linear X-ray detector for high pressure diffraction on a large volume press Call for Tender Grenoble 2016-10-12 2018-10-31 Open
ESRF CfT 2791 A single photon counting, vacuum compatible hybrid pixel detector for BioSAXs Call for Tender Grenoble 2016-10-12 2018-10-19 Open
ESS 132 Carbon steel plates 500 000 Kg Invitation to Tender Lund 2018-10-12 2018-10-29 Open
ESS 130 Valves for process water purification systems Invitation to Tender Lund 2018-10-12 2018-10-29 Open
F4E OMF-938 Provision Of Engineering Support In The Area Of Electromagnetic Analysis Of Iter Components Call for Tender Barcelona 2018-10-18 2018-11-21 Open
F4E OPE-936 RF loads for LIPAc RF modules Call for Tender Barcelona 2018-09-27 2018-10-29 Open
ILL PC-18-23 Supply of feasibility study for the decommissioning of the ILL. Call for Tender Grenoble 2018-10-05 2018-10-19 Open
ITER IO/18/CFT/10016288/ABN Nuclear Integrated Engineering Contract Call for Tender Cadarache 0000-00-00 2018-11-04 Open