Below are listed current active procurements/inquiries open to competition and posted in the public domain for international research organisations. The Swiss ILO only publishes tenders requiring high-tech capabilities and where a reasonable commercial opportunity for Swiss industry to succeed in the tender application process has been identified. Refer to the procurement page of each international research organisation for a complete list of current procurement activity for that organisation.

Tender list updated monthly. Last update: 21.11.2017


Procurement Delivery place Publication Deadline Status
CERN MS-4405 Supply and installation of cryogenic distribution systems for the upgrade of CERN facilities Market Survey Geneva 2017-11-17 - Open
CERN MS-4374 Supply of four seamless ring-rolled forged cylinders made of austenitic steel, to be used by CERN for the machining of vacuum tanks for the LHC superconducting cavity spare cryo-module Market Survey Geneva 2017-11-01 - Open
CERN MS-4375 Supply of Telecom Radiating Cables Market Survey Geneva 2017-11-08 2017-12-05 Open
CERN MS-4396 Supply of PCIe cards Market Survey Geneva 2017-10-30 - Open
CERN MS-4403 Supply of material engineering R&D, characterization, consultancy and prototypes for beam intercepting devices (BID) applications Market Survey Geneva 2017-10-23 - Open
CERN MS-4367 MS-4367/EN - Design, Construction, Testing, Delivery and Commissioning of a Helium Cooling and Passivation System for the Beam Dump Facility Market Survey Geneva 2017-11-13 2017-12-11 Open
ESO CfT 193 Manufacture, Verification and Delivery of Adaptive Optics Wavefront Sensing Cameras for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) Request for Information Munich 2016-09-17 - Open
ESO CfT 197 Maintenance of the ALMA Multi-Fuel Power Generation System (MFPGS) Request for Information Munich 2017-10-24 - Open
ESRF CFT2644 Liquid Nitrogen Closed loop cryocoolers Call for Nomination Grenoble 2016-10-31 2016-11-30 Open
ESRF CFT2641 PDMU Project - Lot HVAC Call for Nomination Grenoble 2016-10-23 2016-11-20 Open
ESRF CFT2646 Manufacture of parts in tungsten alloy INERMET 180 or equivalent, for the shielding of 4 EBS Collimators Call for Nomination Grenoble 2016-11-22 2016-12-15 Open
F4E OMF-871 Provision of Engineering Support Services Call for Tender Barcelona 2017-10-16 2017-11-27 Open
ILL PC17-31 Supply of the 5 background choppers for the PANTHER Instrument Call for Tender Grenoble 2016-11-29 2016-12-08 Open
ITER IO/17/CFT/1-14778/CDP Neutral Beam Absolute Valve angular bellows (edge welded bellows) Call for Nomination Cadarache 2017-10-15 2017-11-21 Open