Research Organisations


Switzerland is currently involved in the construction or operation of seven large international research infrastructures covering different research fields.

  1. High energy particle research organisation:
    European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) - Geneva
  2. Astronomy research organisation:
    European Southern Observatory (ESO) - Munich
  3. Material research organisations:
    Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) - Grenoble
    European Spallation Source (ESS) - Lund
    European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) - Grenoble
    European X-Ray Free Electron Laser (European XFEL) - Hamburg
  4. Nuclear Fusion research organisation:
    International Fusion Experimental Reactor (ITER/FUSION for Energy) - Marseille
A summary of the financial and operational parameters relevant to Swiss companies and institutions in view of commercial activities is shown in the table below. Each organisation has its own rules when considering a fair return of contracts for its Member States. The georeturn coefficient of a Member State is defined as the ratio between that Member State's share of the value of all supply contracts by that Member State's contribution to the overall budget.
Research field/Type of facility Particle Physics/Accelerator + Detector Astronomy/Ground based telescopes Several research fields/Neutron source Several research fields/Neutron source Several Research fields/Synchrotron light source Several Research fields/Synchrotron light source Nuclear Fusion/ Tokamak
Phase Operation + Upgrades Operation+ Construction  
Operation + Upgrades Construction
Operation + Upgrades Construction
Yearly Budget (2015)

1’109 MCHF           

164 MEuros 92 MEuros -- 105 MEuros

118 MEuros (>2018)

Construction Budget -- 1’100 MEuros (E-ELT) --

1'830 MEuros

-- 1’148 MEuros

16’600 MEuro

Swiss Contribution   3.9 %  4.9% 3.4% 3.5% 4% 1.5% 3%
Purchasing rules internal internal internal EU rules + in kind internal German rules + in kind F4E: EU rules IO: internal
Consideration for georeturn strong weak middle not applicable middle not applicable weak
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Confederazione Svizzera
Confederazium Svizra
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Federal Department of Ecomic Affairs,
Education and Research EAER
State Secretariat for Education,
Research and Innovation SERI
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The Swiss Industry Liaison Office (ILO) is financed by the State Secretariat for Education Research and Innovation SERI. The Swiss ILO Convention signatory members supporting the ILO activity are EPFL, PSI and SwissMEM.