Below are listed current active procurements/inquiries open to competition and posted in the public domain for international research organisations. The Swiss ILO only publishes tenders requiring high-tech capabilities and where a reasonable commercial opportunity for Swiss industry to succeed in the tender application process has been identified. Refer to the procurement page of each international research organisation for a complete list of current procurement activity for that organisation. Since 01.01.2021 Swiss companies have restricted access to the ITER program tenders. Exceptions are foreseen. Please contact the ILO Office.

Tender list updated monthly. Last update: 17.05.2024

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Organisation Reference Description Procurement Delivery place Publication Deadline Status
CERN MS-4993 Framework Market Survey concerning the assembly of eight focusing quadrupoles and four defocusing quadrupoles including the supply of normal-conducting electromagnets, yokes and coils Market Survey Geneva 2024-04-05 1000-01-01 Open
CERN MS-4990 Supply of Electrical Feedthroughs to ensure hermetic transmission of an electrical measurement signal through a cryogenic enclosure Market Survey Geneva 2024-04-08 1000-01-01 Open
CERN MS-4995 Assembly of the LBNF/DUNE cryostats warm structure Market Survey Geneva 2024-04-15 1000-01-01 Open
CERN MS-4992 Supply of Ultra High Vacuum Copper Mask Market Survey Geneva 2024-04-15 1000-01-01 Open
CERN MS-4997 Replacement of the 30t overhead travelling crane installed in the TCC8 tunne Market Survey Geneva 2024-04-23 1000-01-01 Open
ESO PR123258 Out-Tasked Services for on-site Database Operations and Database Request for Information Munich 2024-05-17 1000-01-01 Open
ESRF CfT 3447 Compression-Tension Stress Rig for In-situ X-ray imaging Call for Tender Grenoble 2024-05-16 2024-06-13 Open
ESRF CfT 3437 Ultra High Vacuum Chambers for CPMUs Call for Tender Grenoble 2024-04-09 2024-05-07 Open
ESRF CfT 3442 Toroidal Mirror for ID02 Beamline Call for Tender Grenoble 2024-05-07 2024-06-04 Open
ESS ESS-471 Wet and dry Cryostats Call for Tender Lund 2024-05-20 2024-06-21 Open
ESS ESS-479 FREIA Chopper Pit & Cave Shielding Call for Tender Lund 2024-05-27 2024-06-28 Open
F4E OPE-1578 Manufacturing of the Drift Duct for ITER Neutral Beam Injectors Prior Indicative Notice Barcelona 2024-05-02 2024-06-10 Open
ILL void Grenoble 1000-01-01 1000-01-01 Open
ITER IO/24/OT/ 10028547 /YLI Design, Assembly, and Operation of Large-Scale Hydrogen-Qualified Laboratory for Testing ITER Prototype Catalytic Hydrogen Reactors Prior Indicative Notice Cadarache 2024-04-30 2024-06-10 Open
ITER IO/24/OT/70001114/ADC Metrology Equipment and Services Prior indicative notice Cadarache 2024-04-22 2024-05-10 Open
XFEL void Hamburg 1001-01-01 1001-01-01 Open
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